America Ground Pow Wow!

The first America Ground Pow Wow, held on 6th October, aimed to maintain and expand a local conversation which was kicked off by White Rock Trust earlier this year to ask the questions: is gentrification happening, if so is it a problem, if so is there anything we can do about it?

This led to a project to establish a community land trust and a cross-sectoral project team is now taking this forwards. While the project team gets on with the detailed development work, the Pow Wow is a way to continue the wider dialogue with local residents, businesses and stakeholders. We talked about what we value in the neighbourhood and want to protect, what doesn’t work and we’d like to lose, and the threats and opportunities we see coming.

The notes from the event can be downloaded here: AG Pow Wow 1 notes

A set of Frequently Asked Questions about the development of the CLT can be downloaded here: Heart of Hastings CLT – FAQs