To transform the Jericho Road, we need resourceful collective action, supported by a caring state and a responsible market.

Jericho Road Solutions helps local leaders make better neighbourhoods and influences government, funders and corporates to make that easier.

The Jericho Road is a two-way street linking practice and policy, neighbourhood and national perspectives, to unlock the hidden resources for local transformation.

All neighbourhoods need TLC, most of them don’t get it. Does yours?
What do you love about it? What’s precious?
What’s wrong with it? And why?
What could it be like? What would that take?
What are you prepared to do about it?

Jericho Road Solutions brings a wealth of experience to support local transformation.

NEIGHBOURHOOD COACHING Helping local leaders make change without burning out

NATIONAL INFLUENCE  Working with national organisations on policy & programmes to make neighbourhood work easier

SOCIAL SALON Creating spaces for enlightening conversations in mixed company. Find out more…