The Jericho Road is a two-way street. Part of our work is at national level, developing policy, organisations and programmes (POP) to make neighbourhood work easier.

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CADO – Community Assets in Difficult Ownership

The CADO project has hit a nerve! The acronym stands for Community Assets in Difficult Ownership AND Campaign Against Delinquent Ownership [and I pronounce it ‘caddo’]. We’re working with 10 demonstrator projects – buildings that are precious to local communities but are stuck due to their ownership. We provide expert support, small grants and lots of mutual learning. We have developed a set of policy recommendations that would support communities and councils rescue buildings from the limbo of difficult ownership.

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Demeter – Partnerships across Sectors

I have always been interested in collaborating across sectors and what helps or hinders direct partnerships between community groups and private sector interests. Jericho Road coordinated a year-long Partnership Brokers pilot as part of the BRICK programme (run by Prince’s Regeneration Trust with funding from Heritage Lottery Fund’s Catalyst scheme).

The Brokers Pilot worked with four projects to understand and support the successful development of private-community partnerships. These were Bognor Pier, Temple Works Leeds, Bradford Odeon, and Craneworks Bath. View the report here.

Piers – the Nation’s Pride

Having spent 9 years saving Hastings Pier, I’ve ended up knowing much more than I ever expected to about piers! I’m still no expert in any particular aspect but I’ve come to know lots of facts, lots of specialisms, and have an understanding ranging from the technical to the historical to the emotional.

I’m currently working with Bognor, Colwyn Bay and South Parade piers, and I keep a worried eye on Birnbeck at Weston-super-mare.

DIY - Self-renovating neighbourhoods

When local people take the initiative and turn their neighbourhood into an enterprise, they become entrepreneurs and contributors rather than ‘beneficiaries’ or victims of top-down regeneration. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and have now started a PhD with Prof Loretta Lees at Leicester University on ‘self-renovating neighbourhoods as an alternative to gentrification’. It’s exciting to be working with the Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust and with the Granby Four Streets CLT (who might soon be a Turner Prize winner!)

Boat Tree Game - legacy for Connected Communities

I am working with the University of Keele and the New Vic in Stoke-on-Trent to understand and enhance the legacy of three cultural animation projects funded by AHRC’s Connected Communities programme. The projects created artefacts – a play, a boat, a tree and a game. In 2015 we took the ideas on tour in Canada. Read the report here.

Organisation Workshop

The Organisation Workshop is a radical large-scale ‘capacitation’ approach: recruit a large group of ‘excluded’ people, give them the means of production (land, equipment, materials) and challenge them to self-organise. They will transform the land and themselves, both individually and collectively, creating new enterprises. After a decade-long struggle Marsh Farm Outreach in Luton were finally able to pilot the Organisation Workshop for the first time in the UK. Now we’re planning for an OW in Hastings.