The Team

Our team may be small, but it’s well connected and far reaching with an international network of specialist associates, partners and friends.

Jess Steele - Director
Jericho Road is led by Jess Steele who has 25 years experience of working intensively with local neighbourhoods and at national level to support neighbourhood development. As a grassroots activist and entrepreneur, she set up community enterprises in publishing, heritage, tourism, childcare, financial management, workspace, and neighbourhood development. At a national level she led innovation through membership organisations. In Hastings, she had a key role in the rescue of Hastings Pier, has redeveloped Rock House as a creative, collaborative capped-rent space, and founded the Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust to tackle the threat of gentrification and enable DIY Regeneration.
Bradley Vandepeer - Information Assistant
Bradley is the newest member of staff hired though the kickstart program.