Jericho Road Solutions brings a wealth of experience to support local transformation.

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  • Neighbourhoods need both challenge and care, and so do the people who are trying to improve them.
  • We provide independent and constructive support for local people who are ambitious for their unique place, be it through setting up a community enterprise or restoring an underused building to productive use.
  • With experience, networks, knowledge and information from all over the country, we can help you unlock the hidden resources you need to achieve change without burning out.

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  • Alongside direct services to local groups, we work with government, funders and other national partners to develop and design policies, organisations and programmes that facilitate local change.
  • These include: CADO Community Assets in Difficult Ownership, Community Organisers Ltd (CoCo), the Community Allowancethe Meanwhile Foundationthe Seaside Towns Economic Partnership, and the Demeter Service to support partnerships between communities and private developers.
  • We are working in Hastings over a long period to develop and test ideas that then gain national recognition, particularly the concept of self-renovating neighbourhoods the concept of self-renovating neighbourhoods.
  • Jess is doing a 4-year PhD on ‘Self renovating neighbourhoods as an alternative to gentrification’.

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  • We aim to create spaces for enlightening conversation in mixed company, experiences that change the way we see things.
  • The history of the Salon stretches back via Enlightenment Paris to 16th century Italy, and in the Arab world to Sukynah bint al-Husayn in the 8th century. What they had in common was that they were convened by women (salonnières), they brought people together who would not normally meet, and they aimed ‘to please and to educate’, and often, to change the world.
  • Proudly devoid of quantifiable outputs, these events bring people together for the human joy of listen-think-speak-share. They offer shared learning, cross-sector challenge, and mutual support. We enlighten each other with the things we know and inspire each other to explore what we don’t understand.
  • Jericho Road has held two modern Salon events in Hastings and Bradford, and supported dozens of less formal inter-minglings.
  • Contact us if you would like more information about salons. We’re thinking of putting another one on in Hastings soon… keep an eye out