Jericho Road Solutions bridges policy and practice to help local leaders make better neighbourhoods, and to influence government, funders and corporates to make that easier.

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Jericho Road is led by Jess Steele who has 25 years experience of working intensively with local neighbourhoods and at national level to support neighbourhood development.

Read more here: Jess Steele CV (2015)


I care, viscerally, about neighbourhoods – the way some people care about ‘families’. I believe in solidarity, tolerance, openness and, most of all, the power (and hard work) of collective action.

There are many ways to ride the wind…

Our values are:

  • Compassion – we feel for each other, not for charity but for solidarity
  • Equity – no decisions about us without us. ‘Exalt the valleys and lower the mountains’ so that people are able to make change on their own terms.
  • Integrity – approach challenges with good faith, saying what we mean and meaning what we say.
  • Courage – failure is the development cost for the next success, so have a go anyway!

All neighbourhoods need TLC, most of them don’t get it. Does yours?
What do you love about it? What’s precious?
What’s wrong with it? And why?
What could it be like? What would it take?
What are you prepared to do about it?

adapted by Jess Steele (2013)
from ‘Root Solution Listening Matters’ by RE:generate (1995-2013)